The perfect choice for persons who have allergies and/or chemical sensitivities.

No chemicals, No masking, No cover-up, we eliminate odors with super heated water!

 Our Super Heated Dry Vapor Steam kills bacteria, dust mites, viruses, mold, mildew, and other allergy causing pathogens.

Steam cleaning is exceptional at loosening up dirt, stains, soap build-up, tar, nicotine and grease.

Super heated Dry Vapor Steam has penetrating power to get into the nooks and cracks that chemicals and brushes can’t touch.

Our chemical-free process leaves a clean without the residue to attract new dirt!

 Chemical free so you don’t have the worry of rashes or allergic reactions!

 Our specialized cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing promotes a healthier environment for you and our planet.

 Our steamers produce over 250 degrees of heated steam at the tip, killing 99.9% of everything in contact.

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A short list of what we STEAM:

• Adhesives
• Gums on carpets, concrete or any other surface.
• Graffiti
• Ink
• Paint
• Stains on any surfaces such as carpets, fabric chairs or furniture
• Residues around sinks and faucets
• Wallpaper

• Ovens and stoves
• Kitchen equipment
• Tools
• Wheels on carts
• Doorway tracks

• Floors
• Children toys
• Mattresses
• Hot tubs, sauna, pools, showers
• Toilet

Deep clean and sanitize:
• Bird and pet cages
• Patio door sliders.
• Walls and ceilings
• Mattresses
• Kitchens
• Mirrors and windows
• Bathrooms
• Car interiors

    Blinds – Cleaning In-Place
    Clean-room Cleaning
    Disinfection and Sanitizing
    Exercise Fitness Equipment Cleaning
    Floor Cleaning Tile, Linoleum, Marble, Hard Wood (sealed)
    Furniture Cleaning – Hard Surface and upholstery
    Glass and Mirror Cleaning
    Hotel Room Cleaning
    Kitchen Cleaning
    Marble Floor Cleaning
    Mattress Cleaning
    Mold Removal – Bathroom Showers
    Steam Mopping
    Restroom Cleaning
    Shower Cleaning
    Soap Scum Removal
    Tile (Non-Porous) and Grout Cleaning
    Wall Cleaning – Most Non-Painted Hard Surfaces
    Window Cleaning
    Children toys
    Golf clubs
    BBQ grills
    Lawn Mowers
    Baby Changing Stations
    Grocery Coolers

Schedule your FREE Demo today!  574-349-7474

Schedule your FREE Demo today!  574-349-7474