Are you looking for a regularly schedule house cleaning or a one time deep clean? Look no further!
A large portion our house cleaning can be done with Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners, instead of the traditional method, using buckets, brushes and toxic chemicals.
With the speed of cleaning and minimal chemical usage with our steamers allows us to keep our pricing very competitive.
Dry 250°+ steam penetrates DEEP to the source of bacteria, germs and odors!
Steam cleaning, unlike chemical cleaning is residue free. Promoting a longer lasting clean without the worry of toxins and allergens.
Of course, some things cannot be cleaned with a Steam Cleaner. In those cases we use GREEN Certified cleaners. Certified by EPA’s Safer Choice and/or Green Seal.
Our vacuums are True Hepa Filtered for a clean air clean.
You owe yourself the experience and benefits of sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting without chemicals!
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Print our Cleaning Check-List and have it filled out to save time when we come to quote your cleaning job.

Click HERE to print cleaning list.

    Listed below are many of our House Cleaning services.

Trash Emptied
General Dusting
Window Sills
Cobwebs Removed
Carpets Vacuumed
Beds Made
Upholstered Furniture Vacuumed
Ceiling Fans Dusted
In most cases the items below will be cleaned and sanitized with a Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner

Steam Mopping
Steam Clean Grout
Steam Clean Windows
Steam Clean Sinks
Steam Cleaning Counters
Steam Clean Toilets – Tubs – Showers
Steam Clean Door Tracks & Thresholds
Steam Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

Cabinet Exterior
Table & Chairs
Small Appliances
Stove Top / Oven
Furniture Polished
Door Frames & Light Switches
Air Vents
Patio Doors

Our SEBO vacuums are True HEPA Sealed Vacuums!
 Hepa is the perfect choice for persons with allergies and/or sensitivity to dust.
Using vacuums with True HEPA Filtration will trap dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander inside your home bringing relief to allergy sufferers.
Speaking about filtration, the whole vacuum is sealed so that the dirty air gets trapped inside and won’t get out through where the surfaces connect.
Using Hospital-grade filtration, the filters are great for people with allergies and asthma. There are 3 layers of filtration:
1. 3/4 layered bags hold most debris, keeping it away from the air filters. Before disposal, they can be fully sealed, so no dust particle escapes.
2. S-class Microfilters provide electrostatic filtration, which traps airborne particles down to 0.3 micrones.
3. Exhaust Filter filters the air that passes through the vacuum motor.