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Cleaning Service ~ Commercial and Residential cleaning.

Pressure Washing – Driveways, Decks, Houses, etc…

Located in Goshen.

Our services include one time deep cleans or scheduled daily, weekly or monthly contract cleanings.
Nothing improves your image like a regularly cleaned restroom!  Our restroom cleaning program “Deep Cleans” at regularly occurring intervals, making it much easier and less labor intense for you and your employees to maintain a clean facility.

What makes us different from the many other cleaning services?

Our super-heated Dry Vapor Steam Machines along with De-Ionized water which allows us to clean almost everything without the use of chemicals!

How is this possible?

 The use of deionized (DI) water to clean in our dry vapor steam machines has a reverse osmotic effect – meaning that the water has a strong attraction to dirt! Combined with the super-heated (290°+) penetrating Dry Vapor Steam, we clean DEEP!  Another benefit with this method of cleaning is that since DI water has almost all of its mineral ions removed, such as cations like sodium, calcium, iron, and copper, and anions such as chloride and sulfate. There are no water spots or streaks to worry about.

The major advantages are:

  1. After cleaning, there is no residue to attract new dirt and germs. It stays clean longer!
  2. The penetrating steam cleans deeper than other cleaning methods and kills germs and viruses.
  3. There are no toxins left to worry about.
  4. This provides an allergy-friendly environment and proves safe for those who are chemical sensitive.

If you are searching for a cleaning service for your office, home or you are thinking about changing your current service provider, please consider us to take care of all your cleaning needs.

Fully insured, Safe Choice Cleaning offers competitive commercial and residential cleaning.

Safe Choice Cleaning, a Green cleaning company. Serving Goshen, Elkhart, Bristol, Middlebury. Syracuse, Warsaw, Nappanee, Wakarusa and all the other surrounding towns in Michiana.

Office Cleaning  ~  House Cleaning ~ Church Cleaning ~ Restaurant Cleaning ~ Daycare Cleaning
Restroom Cleaning ~ Grout Cleaning  ~  Green Cleaning  ~ Steam Cleaning ~ We just Clean!

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